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Commission Schedule:

Sale transactions will include the industry-wide Security Transaction Fee at the rate of $20.70 per $U.S. million. (Fee is in accordance with Section 31 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Rate effective 04/15/2019).

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Margin requirements for margin approved securities:

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Check Writing/Debit Card (Optional Features)

Cash Plus Account:

Cash Plus is an asset management account (AMA) that offers check writing, debit card, and online bill pay.
There is a $60 annual fee charged at inception and upon annual anniversary*. (*Waived for accounts with an average credit balance exceeding $25,000 or an average debit balance exceeding $25,000.)

For those residing outside the United States, the cost of shipping the debit card or check book via United States Postal Service Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope, will be passed along to the brokerage account at cost.

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Ancillary Fees:

 Inactive Account Fee Details:

   An inactive account would meet the following criteria:
   • The account has had no settled trades subject to a commission or load charge, during the one-year period ending July 15th 2024.
   • The account had margin (debit) interest of less than $100 for the one-year period ending July 15th 2024.

   The following accounts are exempt from inactive account fees:
   • Accounts executing at least one trade (subject to a commission charge) that settles during the one-year period ending July 15th 2024, exclusive of dividend reinvestment trades.
   • Accounts that generated at least $100 of margin (debit) interest during the one-year period ending July 15th 2024.
   • Individual retirement accounts (IRAs), and other qualified retirement plan accounts for which our clearing agent acts as custodian.
   • Accounts that maintain a net cash credit balance of at least $10,000 during the one-year period ending July 15th 2024.
   • New Accounts opened during the one-year period ending July 15th 2024.

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Account Minimums:

  • $500 initial minimum for a cash account.
  • $2000 minimum equity requirement to initiate margin trading. The requirement may be met with cash or marginable securities. In a cash account the anticipated dollar amount of the purchase must be deposited before an order will be accepted.
  • If a withdrawal request is made that would bring the account equity below $500, it shall be considered an intention to close the account. Therefore all securities would need to be liquidated (or disposed of), or transferred, before the cash withdrawal request would be processed.

  • Low Priced Security Good Faith Deposit:
    For accounts owning stocks with insignificant value, a good faith deposit (GFD) of $60 is required, plus $20 for additional positions. (i.e. own 3 stocks with insignificant value, GFD=$120). This is not a fee charged up front, rather it is money set aside in an account, which could be used to pay a future commission charge or uneconomical sale processing.

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Interest Rates:

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Fees are subject to change.

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