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Balances and positions residing in your York Securities brokerage account are custodied with Pershing, LLC. Pershing is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation.

Pershing, LLC
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Above link opens in a new tab at https://www.netxinvestor.com/. On this page, the "Financial Org#" is the first three characters of your account number.

1. Contact York Securities to obtain your brokerage account number.
2. Go to the Login Screen and click on "REGISTER".
3. Follow on-screen instructions. (Your Financial Org# is the first three characters of your account number.)

03/19/19: New mutual funds available. Over 14,000 to choose from, including institutional class shares (for individual investors). See list: PDF , XLS.

05/23/18: ACH Transfer functionality integrated into Investor platform.
Clients with an established ACH profile may now initate an ACH transfer request by navigating to "Transact...Funds Transfer" after login.
ACH transfers are electronic funds transfers. If you have yet to establish an ACH profile, you may do so by completing the ACH Agreement.

08/29/17: Yorktrade.com site redesigned. Now compatible with IOS/Android, Smartphone/Tablet.

03/16/16: Mobile device account access without an App.
Simply direct device browser to www.netxinvestor.com. This site automatically adapts its format for a user friendly experience with Android/IOS Tablet/Smartphone.

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